Mounted wheels CAN NOT be returned.
Please INSPECT the products upon arrival for size, color, bolt pattern, blemishes, and any shipping damages.
Prior to mounting your tires to the NEW wheels, make sure you check the brakes, hub, bolt pattern, fender and suspension clearance to ensure proper fitment.
Mount tires onto wheels only with equipment specifically designed for alloy wheels.
Do not use equipment that will scratch, scrape or abrade the wheels.
Wheel adapters and spacers are not recommended. If installed, the purchaser assumes all responsibility and liability.
Use only self adhesive tape weights when balancing. The use of clip on style weights is not recommended as they can damage the wheel finish and void the warranty.
Always use the correct type of lug nut.
Always use the vehicle manufacturer's recommended torque specifications when tightening lug nuts.
Re-torque the lug nuts after 75-100 miles of driving.

Care & Maintenance

Keeping your wheels clean on a continual (weekly) basis is the best way to maintain their "like new" finish and luster.
Never clean your wheels while they are hot.
Water and a mild non-abrasive cleaner is the best solution for cleaning your wheels.
A good rule of thumb to follow when selecting a cleaning solution is; if it is not safe for the paint on your vehicle it is probably not safe for your wheels.
Applying a coat of non-abrasive carnauba based auto wax after cleaning is all the protection your wheels should need.